Bull Dog

As adorable they may appear, Bulldogs are an extremely heavy and powerful dogs.

Bull Mastiff

One of the most unique features of a Bullmastiff is that these dogs hardly bark. Unless alarmed, Bullmastiffs can go on days without barking. This unique aspect also gives them the name of “barkless dogs”.

German Shepherd Dog

The majestic breed is a softie at heart. These deputy sergeants are ready to take a bullet for their partners or family. They are one of the most loyal pets around and are highly protective of their family members.

German Spitz

Your German Spitz has a dominating temperament though docile. They can quickly become the leader or the boss of the house. You will be surprised to see that this breed is small in size but because of its temperament can at times act as the leader of the larger breed in your home as well.

Indian Pariah Dog

The Indian Pariah dog as we discussed earlier has been present in the sub-continent for a long time. This has helped them to be one of the most adaptable dogs. These dogs have bred through natural selection and without any human intervention.


The Pomeranian is loved because of its small and compact size. In spite of their instinct to believe they can take on any adversary, Poms are for the most part incapable of surviving on their own or outdoors. They are affectionate and warm with their humans, a characteristic that ensures they don’t often go without love and protection.


Pugs are brachycephalic, with flat face and short noses. This means they don’t do very well in very hot weather or too much humidity. Longer muzzles facilitate the cooling of air before it reaches the lungs, a feature that pugs lack. It’s recommended that they stay indoors in very warm places.